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You Can Do It Too

Interested in doing a Light Show? It does take a lot of time, and some money.

A world of information is also available from the Planet Christmas website, the software and controllers I use are from Light-O-Rama, and the LOR Forums also offer a lot of valuable information, resources and ideas for everyone from the newbie to the novice, defiantly a valuable asset.

I have been doing this Christmas light show since 2006, but I do not consider myself an “expert” by any means, however I have attended Light-O-Rama endorsed training classes and come up with quite a few custom design ideas above and beyond just the Christmas show. Please see the Lighting Animation page of my website for more custom application designs.

Everyone has design ideas, mine are described here on the How It’s Done page and free for the taking, if you build from one of my designs, I would really like to hear about it, and perhaps you can improve on what I have done.

If you are looking to build something requiring the animation or sequence control that LOR offers, feel free to email me, I would like to help.

Need something designed for a specific application, check with us and see if we can help bring it to life, or at least offer ideas to help.

Most of my LED lights I use came from Wal-Mart on December 26 when all Christmas decorations are marked 50% off. Try to plan your projects before then so you can know what you will want to buy, and then buy a few extra strings. (Tip: if you have extras and a string fails, you are covered) Or just buy up a lot of lights and design your decorations around what you have bought. If you use the LOR line, most controllers have 16 channels, that is, one controller can run 16 different strings independently.