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Swirl Tree




This tree was created with a PVC frame.










swirl tree2


8 upward pipes, and using 45 degree angles to make the base.











swirl tree3


PVC end caps, and a wire holding  them all together.











swirl tree4

I used 1/2 inch PEX pipe to make the 16 swirls, the strips can be non-water proof because they will be well sealed in the PEX pipe








swirl tree5

200 foot coil of 1/2 inch PEX pipe will be enough for the whole project.







swirl tree6

16 swirls of 16.4″ dumb strips

This could be done with only 8 swirls for a little less cost










swirl tree9


End caps with a small hole drilled in the end for the wire to come out.








swirl tree7

Controllers and power supplies are in a water tight box on the ground.

You will need 2 for all 16 swirls, or just one for an 8 swirl tree.

I used 150 LED strips (2 inch spacing) and they pull about 1.25 amps per strip, so 8 strips here would be about 10 amps. I used 20 amp power supplies just for the extra headroom in power.



swirl tree10


Great color and effects with this tree









alarm wire


I use standard 22 gauge 4 conductor alarm wire to connect the strips to the controller, it’s readily available, and not real expensive.