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Retired Decorations

Decorations that have been retired or replaced

Grinch Inflatable deceased – after a decade of service

grinch_smallWe have had this inflatable Grinch for a decade, but the sun has taken it’s toll on him, last year taking him down, he ripped open in the head, and the more duck tape we added, the harder it was to keep him standing, so he was retired.

We have a new one made on chicken wire with LED lights.

Swirl Tree [New in 2010] – Retired in 2015

swirl_tree_smallThe idea for this tree came from a video I saw where someone made their mega-tree with a twist effect, they used multi-color lights and twisted them like a screw to the top, I just added the concept of different color lights to add more effects to the tree. I used 16 strings of each red, green, blue and white, for a total of 64 strings and 4 LOR controllers to make this tree. Yea it’s a lot, but the visual effect is something else. See more

Next Gen Swirl tree is made with low volt RGB Strip lights and Pex pipe.

Leaping Arches [New in 2010, updated in 2014] – Retired in 2016

arches_smallThese arches are made from 4” corrugated drain pipe, and Multi-color LED lights wrapped in the grooves. The 4” pipe makes them seem big and bold, so their effect is quite uniform from a distance. The large arch has 16 LED strings on it, and the small ones have 8 LED strings each. A ¾ “ PVC pipe in the center to give the drain pipe better stability under higher winds, and helps keep the shape uniform. See more

In 2014, I replaced the first generation LEDs with newer and brighter ones, and converted all strings to full wave power.

Next Gen Arches are made with RGB Smart strips, and contained in 3/4 inch pex water pipe, and run by a Light-O-Rama CCR Controler.