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Pixel Tree


The frame is made with treated 2x4s, and guide wire in-between the supports, these add support for the strips, and help keep them from twisting when the wind blows.










Wires across the strips keep them in place, the shingles below just help keep the mud from splashing in the wires when it rains








6 channel star made with rope light, and one controller.





The tree stands almost 20 feet tall with the star on top











This tree is made with 16 WS2811 12 volt LED strips, 150 RGB LEDs on each strip, there is actually 2,400 RGB LEDs to make this tree.

Each 3 RGB LEDs make a pixel, so 50 pixels times 16 strings makes 800 pixels for the tree.

The resolution for this tree would be 16 pixels wide by 50 pixels high.

One Light-O-Rama Pixie 16 controller on it’s own 500k network.





Pixel Tree5

Pixel Tree6

Pixel Tree10










Pixel Tree7 Pixel Tree8