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Light Show Story

Since I became a homeowner in 1992 I have always enjoyed decorating for Christmas with yard displays and lights. I used 8 function light controllers, multiple light strings, and various decorations to light up my home for Christmas adding a little more each year.

Then in 2005 I received an email with a video of an animated light show. So I investigated it on Snopes website, and found the story was true. So being a computer guru, and a Christmas lights fan I had to find out more.

I discovered the hardware used to produce the show was from a company called Light-O-Rama, and the process was not too complicated, just time consuming. So with my wife’s Ok I decided to give it a try and ordered some controllers and the software program.

Now in 2006, I modified my 8 function light strings to work with the controllers, added some more lights, and the Light Show began! (No longer just a light display.) The lights I used were miniature incandescent bulbs, and one point in the show I had everything light up at one time. That, as you can imagine, would slightly dim the lights in my house. So when 2007 came, I began using LED bulbs in the show.

In 2008 we moved to Eclectic and with the house more than 650 feet from road, there was much more yard to decorate, so the 1600 LED “Megs Tree”, the two 700 LED “Mega Canes”, and the “Merry Christmas” sign with 90 feet of red incandescent rope light, made by my wife and kids, were added. The 2008 show was about 80% LEDs, much better on the power bill for sure.

In 2009, I redesigned the Mega Tree with new strings that have the LEDs soldered in place, the previous strings were failing when water rusted the wires in the sockets, that solved the failure problem, and while I was at it, I doubled the lights on the tree to 3200. I took most of the strings that were still working and donated them to Bridgestone, a Christian camp in Enterprise AL. I put them up all around the main cafeteria building where lighting was minimal, and since they are not exposed to the rain. I also raised the Mega Tree by 2.5 feet, adding an extension onto the top of the 16 foot 4×4 pole, now with 2 foot in the ground, the pole stands about 16.5 feet high, then add the 2 foot star, and your over 18 feet tall. I have also restrung 60 candy canes in front with LED strings, 30 LEDs in each. The incandescent deer are gone and replaced with LED snowflakes on the house.

In 2010 I added 100 LEDs to each Mega Cane to bring them up to 800 LEDs each. New items for 2010 are the leaping arches, and the swirl tree.

2011 brought a few challenges as well as changes, several strings on my Mega Tree did not work again, so I made a change to the tree by using C9 style, soft white LEDs, the number of lights has dropped to 2400, but it has the old style color and look with the soft white LEDs.
My wife and her sister worked on creating a new, all LED “Merry Christmas” sign, this was the final step to eliminating all the incandescent lights from the show, now just LEDs and the xenon strobes in the show.

Thank You for stopping by, and enjoy the show.